Organisation of Studies 2016

Following extensive consultation with both parents and students alike, it was decided to organise studies in the following manner:

1. Core subjects

These will consist of English, Irish, Maths, Science, Spanish, History, Geography, SPHE, CSPE, Ethics, PE and Computer Studies (incl. coding).

For a detailed explanation of issues related to teacher, learning and assessment, please read the School's Vision on Teaching and Learning

2. Taster subjects

Six taster subjects will be run for students in First Year. They will study two subjects at a time for two periods a week. Taster subjects will be run in 4 week blocks and then rotated. The advantages of this system are as follows:

  • Students will not have to choose their subjects before they start secondary school
  • Students get to experience each of the subjects before they make their choices; they receive a grounding in certain life-skills and they will be exposed to subjects traditionally seen as subjects for the opposite sex

3. Subject List

  • All core subjects will continue in 2nd year
  • SPHE and CSPE are 1hr (instead of 40 mins in other schools and thus can be more robust); ethical education will include a series of modules on cyber safety, development education etc., and Computer Studies will include a mixture of coding and word processing skills
  • 6 taster subjects are included; two of which would be chosen in December of First Year
  • Art, music, home economics, technical graphics and technology will all have dedicated rooms included in the specification for our eventual permanent site
  • Sufficient time is guaranteed for all core and chosen optional subjects over the three year cycle