Persistent myths pertain in the debate between Single-sex and Co-educational schooling in English-speaking countries. The assumption that 'girls do significantly better in single-sex schools and boys in co-ed' has been rejected in the largest study of its kind by the American Psychological Association This 2014 study, based on the experiences of 1.6 million students in 21 countries found only 'trivial' differences.

In CETSS we believe that the academic, personal and social development of students will be enhanced in a co-ed setting due to three key benefits:

  • Students will have full access to those subjects often absent in single-sex schools e.g. Home Economics in boys' schools and engineering in girls'. This should have significant implications for students' life paths and indeed their levels of motivation
  • Students learn to socialise with students of other genders in healthy, normal social settings, which we believe will have positive outcomes for their future relationships. Students are also able to go to school with their siblings of different genders
  • Students will learn in an environment devoid of the excesses of single-sex school settings e.g. Macho cultures in boys' schools where poetry, music, foreign languages can be perceived/portrayed as feminine or 'gay'
  • For us, co-ed schools are healthier and a better preparation for both further education and personal development