physical activities

In CETSS we offer students the opportunity to get involved in Soccer, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance. 

A number of extra-curricular clubs have been established, based on suggestions made by our students.


Global issues cafe: Students have a chance to discuss the local and worldwide news headlines while having your breakfast/a cup of tea. 

Creativity club: A club for students to work on creative projects in groups or individually. Students can draw, create 3-D pieces using clay and/or mixed media, design and create their own textile pieces, and much more.

Science club: Students can work on their own science projects or something they are interested in that is not necessarily on the subject curriculum. 

Literacy lounge: An organised language space at lunch time where the students can enjoy playing board games, language games or reading books. 

Band: The band practice a range of music with the supervision of the music teacher. 

Irish club: Irish language games while eating lunch. 

Drama club: This club gives students the opportunity to develop their acting skills and to perform in an end of year play.