Educate Together/Ethical Vision

Educate Together is the patron body of the growing network of schools in Ireland. As an independent NGO, it runs schools that guarantee equality of access and esteem to children “irrespective of their social, cultural or religious background”. Educate Together schools are learner centred in their approach to education and are run as democracies, with respectful partnership between parents, pupils and teachers. Schools operated by Educate Together have a distinct ethos or governing spirit.

Educate Together schools are

  • Equality-based i.e. all children having equal rights of access to the school, and children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds being equally respected.
  • Co-educational and committed to encouraging all children to explore their full range of abilities and opportunities. Boys and girls learn and socialize together in the school environment. This approach delivers the best educational and social development for children.
  • Child-centred in their approach to education. Educate Together schools are committed to active learning techniques that encourage children to interact with their peers and teachers while they learn. Educate together schools are focused on helping each individual child reach its full academic and social potential.
  • Democratically run with active participation by parents in the daily life of the school, whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers. The ethos provides a strong moral, ethical and spiritual framework for the whole school community, and informs all policies and practices in the daily life of the school. Students follow an ethical curriculum, which includes learning about different religions and belief systems. These schools provide a caring and supportive school community that nurtures each student’s personal, social and academic potential throughout their school career.

Our aim at second-level is to promote well being, active global citizenship and academic success. We emphasise the development of skills in self-management, creative and critical thinking, communication, teamwork, research and leadership. Teachers in an Educate Together second-level school use the best teaching and learning methods to make students’ learning active, relevant, challenging and enjoyable. Today Educate Together operates 77 primary schools and four second-level schools with Educate Together involved as either patron, co-patron or as a partner. In addition five more second level schools are to open in 2016.