School Policies

School policies are developed by the whole school community. Students, teachers and parents will all be involved in policy formation; making for strong policies for which everyone takes responsibility.

Interim policies that were developed over the summer for the 2016/17 academic year are  currently being replaced. 

Here are a list of our existing ratified school policies.

CETSS Child Protection Policy 2.0 January 2017

CETSS Code of Behaviour 2.5 August 2017

CETSS Communications Policy 1.0 July 2016

CETSS Dress Code 2.0 April 2017

CETSS Internet and ICT Acceptable Use Policy 1.0 July 2016

CETSS RSE Policy 1.0 2016

CETSS School Attendance Policy 1.0 July 2016

CETSS Substance Abuse Policy 1.0 July 2016

CETSS Protected Disclosure Policy 1.0 January 2017

CETSS Anti-Bullying Policy 1.0

CETSS Admissions Policy 2019

CETSS Admissions Policy Appendix 1 (Catchment Area)

CETSS Vetting Policy 1.0

CETSS Child Protection Policy

CETSS Data Protection Policy 1.0

CETSS Health and Safety 1.0

CETSS Child Safety Statement 1.0