Tablets, like all forms of technology, are only useful if they can do at least one of two things:

  • Do something faster than would otherwise be possible and/or
  • Enhance the experiences of both teaching and learning

CETSS has decided to become a tablet school for the following reasons:

  • To give students greater control over their learning and thus to make learning more enjoyable
  • To enable meaningful differentiation and collaborative learning, both within and between Educate Together schools.
  •  To facilitate a move away from textbooks which limit learning
  •  To enable the use of alternative assessment tools
  • To give students constant access to online tools and information
  • To prepare students for digital workplaces
  • To give students requisite transferable skills for third level education
  • To teach students how to manage themselves online, in an era of new and enhanced risk

We have decided to collaborate with Wriggle on the provision of devices for students.


3-D prints created on our Ipads and printed on the Ultimaker 3-D printer