This area is intended to ensure transparency in decision-making and is part of the school's democratic structures.

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Approximate School Bus Times

Bus rules and info

School times

Mobility plan- car and bus drop off/collection points and pedestrian access

School Updates

December 2017 - Safety Alert, Parent-Teacher Meeting dates, Accommodation Update, Recent School Activities

How to view Academic Reports on VSWare

Parents' Council Minutes

Parents' Council Constitution

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2016 Annual Review

Sept 2017 AGM Minutes

November 2017

           Restorative Practice Presentation

           After Restorative Practice Presentation

December 2017 

February 2018

Communication and Democracy

Current Communication Flows- This chart shows who to talk to, depending on the issue

Developing Democracy in the School- A Power Point presentation, given by Jerrieann to parents at February's Parents Council meeting

Schoology for Parents A presentation given to the Parents' Council by David, explaining how Schoology can be used as a communication tool

Board of Management Agreed Reports

For now, and in the spirit of democracy, additional info is provided in the form of Board of Management Agreed reports. Please click on the months to read the relevant reports.

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2018 First Year Student and Parent Induction

Calendar of events

iPad Parents' Pack This document was produced by Wriggle, the company who supply iPads to the school and should be read carefully

Parents' Night April 2018

Stationery List

School Calendar

Wriggle 2019


Important forms related to insurance:

Letter to parents and guardians

Accident Application Form 2018/9